Shave Ice ... the coolest thing in the Mile High City!

Shave Ice - YUM!True Hawaiian Style Shave Ice is alive in the Rocky Mountains. Family owned and operated, Aloha Shave Ice Co's mission is to bring this "ono-licious" dessert to you.

Visit us at one of our upcoming events and taste the flavor of true Hawaiian Style Shave Ice. You will never want a snow cone again! What is the difference between the two? Hawaiian Style Shave Ice is created from delicately shaving ice blocks creating fine, fluffy shave ice. This allows the syrup to suspend in the ice and not settle to the bottom of your cone. In contrast, snow cones are made from crushing ice, creating a crunchier texture. When syrup is poured onto snow cones, it quickly settles to the bottom.

We have 20 flavors to choose from. Can't decide which flavor to try? Choose three and create your very own RAINBOW! Order your shave ice just like the locals do in Hawai'i by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the bottom or top it off with a volcano cream!

Aloha Shave Ice